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Maybe make it take a reaction or something?

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This is a minor quibble though. Four, Voice of the Tempest feels weak for a Paladin capstone. Maybe swap the pushing with the Striking Wind option, and make it so you can't push them into the air unless they're Small or smaller? You could also add a damage boost to the Striking Wind attacks if you put it in the Avatar feature to really boost the power up. All in all, it's an interesting idea, and I really enjoy the concept of a highly-mobile Paladin. It would go perfectly with a cloak of billowing!

I'm actually of the opinion that since the channel and the spells are potent, the level 7 aura shold be a little weak. It also fits well flavorwise, supporting that freedom aspect. The problem i see with striking wind is the use of non basic attacks to do very powerful things at range, like smite or the smiting spells, or weapon effects that do something other than damage.

Not sure how to fix any of that though. Overall, i like it. Very cool.

Ad Peijnenburg - About The Six Winds

Longstider was chosen over Jump which was considered simply because Jump is just a bad spell. Since jumping uses up your movement speed, it can't actually be used to get any further on your turn, and didn't really help the "mobility during battle" aspect of the subclass I wanted to focus on. Aura Agility is intended to be a little weak, due to the fairly strong Channel Divinity and the strong 3rd level spells in the subclass' Oath Spells.

Paladin's have a lot of budget for 15th level features. Their 15th isn't too strong, especially when compared to things like Devotion Paladin, who gets protection from evil and good permanently. I personally don't see the capstone as being too weak. Being able to force movement can be very impactful, and the flying speed can be boosted by both Haste and Longstrider. Thought I'd try my hand at something other than a sorcerer subclass, so here's my Wind Paladin! Probably one of the most mobile paladins, be request any and all movement speed related buffs from your parties casters not that you can't do it yourself.

I also agree the capstone needs to be buffed more. For example, the area around you is difficult terrain and enemies are knocked prone if they fail a STR or DEX saving throw. I am incredibly disappointed by the lack of explicitly fart-related powers.

My day is ruined, you're welcome. It is a little but the forced movement can potentially be very impactful, and you can use both longstrider and haste to boost the flying speed. I love the idea of it though. At some point I'd like to make a naval adventure campaign with a storm sorcerer, a tempest cleric etc. Zephyr Strike ended up being a bit And felt a little too 'on the nose', which is also why I didn't include fly. I read your message on mobile and at like Yeah, I actually made this because I don't like their Zephyr paladin, so I wanted to make my own.

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At one point on Friday every town in the county was isolated due to high water. Bulldog field was flooded for over a week after the storm, until finally the standing water was pumped across U. Route back into the Hawksbill Creek.

Henry V, Act III, Scene I [Once more unto the breach, dear friends]

Also in downtown Luray, the large flood-driven waves of the creek demolished three buildings, including the Adelphia Cable building. The South Fork of the Shenandoah River recorded its highest crests ever, In Rockingham County, Virginia , over 10, people were evacuated from their homes, however most were allowed to return to their homes after the water subsided. Pendleton and Hardy County were the hardest hit as the floods swept away several bridges, damaged several water plants and caused a reported gas leak.

Falcom Field Zanmai - Gust of Wind (Ys Celceta)

Western Maryland was hard hit by Fran, mostly from flash flooding. This was the worst flooding event to hit Maryland since Hurricane Hazel and the January flood of In the capital city, the District of Columbia , Fran produced gusty winds and moderate rainfall. Minor flash flooding was reported on many streets, hampering travel and leaving several roads were closed.

The remnants of Fran brought moderate to heavy rainfall to parts of eastern Ohio, especially along the coast of Lake Erie , as the storm moved through the region. These winds downed numerous trees and power lines, some of which fell on cars and homes. Agricultural land and the region sustained significant damage.

In Port Huron , a state maximum amount of 4. A small area around Boston, Massachusetts received the heaviest rain in the region, peaking at 5. The Cape Fear River watershed was devastated by Fran. Severe water quality problems persisted for weeks. The Northeast Cape Fear river suffered a massive fish kill. Sewage treatment plant failures led to millions of liters of raw and partially treated human sewage to flow into area rivers. Dissolved oxygen content fell to nearly zero across the Cape Fear and Northeast Cape Fear Rivers for over three weeks, which led to hypoxia in the Cape Fear estuary for several weeks.

Ammonium and phosphorus levels increased, with concentrations of phosphorus reaching a year high.

323 / 04.24.16

Because of the damage in North Carolina , the Virginias , and elsewhere in the United States , the name Fran was retired in the spring of , and will never again be used for another Atlantic hurricane. It was replaced with Fay in the season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Category 3 Atlantic hurricane in This article is about the Atlantic hurricane of For other storms of the same name, see Tropical Storm Fran disambiguation.

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Hurricane Fran near peak intensity on September 4 east of Florida. See also: List of retired Atlantic hurricane names. Tropical cyclones portal. Spectrum News. Retrieved 18 August National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Archived from the original on Retrieved National Hurricane Center. Retrieved May 3, The Victoria Advocate. The Virginian-Pilot. Service Assessment. Retrieved 11 June Daily Courier. Miami, Florida.

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