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This would include a seismic upgrade, an all-new building exterior, and new mechanical and electrical systems.

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As the building is very narrow only 50 feet wide , daylighting would not be difficult. We developed several design options for a new curtain wall. Energy load modeling with Sefaira showed that either approach is potentially quite effective in reducing solar gains, while preserving views.

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Subscribe Open side menu. Onyx Collective, the Pulse of New York. Lower East Suite Part Three by Onyx Collective Lower East Suite Part Three by Onyx Collective After the two EPs—a mishmash of jam sessions mostly recorded on an iPhone in an incongruous series of places—reflected the dissolute functioning of the collective, Lower East Suite Part Three adopts a more rigorous structure in terms of both the compositions and the interpretations, but without losing their rough edges: furious exchanges between the saxophones, rhythmic abstractions and traces of swing, live recording, etc.

I asked myself, What about my art do I want to change, improve? I worked on curls and the texture of hair, because curls are a significant part of the culture; and our hair is much of our pride in itself.

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Not to mention, curls are a challenge all their own. Shaping the face and its features properly was a major goal. In my defense, using a reference was simple. I was great at that. Freestyle was the struggle.

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I challenged myself to draw differently on purpose to get away from what I had always done, while still expressing the beauty of what I had always known. Thus, the pride was born. Pride in my culture, pride in my work, and pride in my choice to learn rather than envy. This series was a part of my coming out, artistically and as a new woman who refuses to let others dictate how I express myself.

If I took a risk with nudity, I told myself not to care what someone else might say. In fact, I was going to freehand the same type of photos until I was satisfied with my improvement. Hopefully, people can be inspired by this change of life artistically and personally. You can find Carolyn on Facebook 1 or 2 , Instagram and Twitter. If you think you are missing a response please check your Submittable account, or contact us!

I have written about anorexia a few times, in different forms. A couple of takes were remote—they approached the subject through myth, fairy tale, archetype. One was very serious—it examined the subject from a Marxist, then a feminist point of view, also touching at legal, medical, sociological, economical aspects.

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Such break down had required time, study, labor, research, and of course it meant lots to me. I hoped an anthology about mental illness would accept it—probably the ideal publishing venue.

I found one that was interested, but my essay exceeded the word limit. The editors suggested I choose a section and make it into a whole. Well, cut-and-paste rarely works.

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Or it does but the result is quite scarred, Frankenstein style. I decided this was my occasion for starting afresh, utilizing the same raw material in a different way. Having limited time, I followed the advice Grandma patiently administered when I was a child—sometimes still hesitating in front of a task that seemed new, complicated, or just task-like an unpleasant feeling itself.

The banal excuse! Grandma laughed out loud. Well, she needed to grow strong and brave, apt to do whatever had to be done. So did I. I learned to approach things—especially delicate, controversial ones—jumping in with no intro, no bows and no curtsies. Simply dive.

All right.


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On the bridge, then. Why would writing about anorexia be delicate? A snapshot, a codified scene, possibly involving throwing up in the toilets, a fucked-up body image, a quasi-corpse narrator tormented by guilt, possessed by strange demons. Sometimes sorely repentant, sometimes redeemed, horrified by her past sickness.

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I am using female pronouns for a reason. What could have been nerve-wracking, what could have caused hesitation and not knowing where to start , was my need of not providing the expected snapshot, but tell another story.