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The Most Reverend John J.

Providence Friars

Gabriel Esteban will also address the graduates. Seton Hall will graduate a total of approximately 2, undergraduate and graduate students this year. Separate ceremonies will be held for Seton Hall University's 1, graduate students, who will become graduates. After awaking to paralysis at the age of 15 from a sudden spinal stroke, Chesney amassed numerous transformational experiences including at Seton Hall University, where he graduated in with a B.

A nationally and internationally recognized motivational speaker with positive and inspiring messages that have changed countless lives, he is an active member of the University's Leadership Advisory Council and lives in his native New Jersey with his wife and children.

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His Commencement theme will be "Celebrating and leveraging this defining moment. It is impossible to retain all the great knowledge that was passed along to me while I attended college, but somewhere at some time during the course of my journey through life, I constantly find myself reflecting and remembering a moment spent at The Hall which has helped me resolve an issue or get through a challenging moment in my life. I would not change those years of college for anything. Nearby Places. Due to fire codes, students are not allowed to keep their dorm room dorms wedged open, but each dorm is very friendly and open with each other.

Athletics are very hot and cold, due to how good the team is doing or if there is nothing else going on that night off campus. Since I live off campus, I usually spend my free time on the couch with my 6 best friends. We have been friends since the first semester of freshman year and again, I couldn't imagine my time at SHU without them. Fraternities are important to guys due to the small size of the school and boys not wanting randoms at their parties. On the other hand, while it isn't mandatory for a girl to be in a sorority to have a social life, it definitely helps.

If there isn't a party going on, it is very likely to find yourself just messing around on campus with your friends in each other's dorm rooms. I would have to say that our Student Government Association, Student Activities Board, and Greek Life are probably our most popular, but there are over clubs and organizations here on campus and if you can't find something that you are interested in you can always create one.

Also students go to NYC almost every weekend. There is so much to there and with the train being a shuttle stop away from the campus its about a half hour train ride till you are in NYC Penn Station. The Student Activity Board puts on so many events and right now they are planning our annual Christmas Celebration which this year will include if I am correct the annual Christmas Tree Lighting on the Campus Green, Winter Ball, Ice Skating Rink here on campus, and that is just to name a couple. But there so much to do.

Even in South Orange there is so much going on You are not allowed to bolt you dorm doors or leave them open because the doors are fireproof and propping them open is a fire hazard check out Seton Hall history, this school the number 1 fire safe school in the nation i'm pretty sure.

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I met my closest friends in the honors program. We all lived together freshamn year and even though I dropped, we all still eat and live together. There are a ton of clubs on campus. Personally I am in the not science There are a lot of frats and sororities. I don't know a lot of people who pledged although I saw many walking around campus. I have never been to a party involving drinking and I have had a great time so far.

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You will still have loooooaaads of friends if you don't party. Basketball is huge at Seton Hall and all of the students get very excited about going to the games. Greek life is very popular at the school as well. There is a little town three blocks away from the school that students can enjoy instead of drinking. SOPAC holds performances weekly and is also part of a beautiful movie theater.

There are plenty of beautiful restaurants and cafes in the area and Short Hills shopping mall is 15 minutes away. It generally is not safe to walk late at night by yourself or in a small group.

Students should plan their night time activites based on the SHUFLY schedule which is a shuttle provided by Seton Hall that will transport you to and from places within a certain mileage. Students do leave their doors open, but RAs prefer that we do not because of fire codes and such.

They are very serious about that and following the rules in the dorms due to a serious fire in one of the dormitories a few years ago. Here at Seton Hall the most popular activity is joining a Greek organization. There are multiple fraternities and sororities as well as multi cultural orgs. I myself am a sister of Alpha Phi, in my sorority we are involved with a philanthropy which we raise money for annually, we also partake in community service all while enjoying our sisterhood and having tons of fun.

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There are also intramural sports which are very popular as well. Basketball games are also a lot of fun. Many student buy season tickets and watch all the home games at the prudential center. Dorming was the best experience of my life, it is such a unique experience to be placed with a bunch of your peers in an entirely foreign environment. I have met some of my best friends my freshman year when I first experienced the dorm life.

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Off campus there is a very quaint town where you can find some of the most adorable little shops and great homemade food! I can tell you about my experience. Pledging is a difficult process on its own and even though I wanted to I knew I could not commute back and forth while pledging- it was just too much. But somehow I ended up hanging out with a group of Filipinos.

I am white and had never hung out with Asians before, but we all commuted and it worked out well. They were all older than me for the most part and we would party together quite often. Even though I very much regretted commuting my freshman year I do suggest dorming for the first one.

The people I ended up meeting my first year here had a positive impact on my life that went beyond my greatest expectations. SHU boasts over clubs and organizations on campus for almost every major as well as plenty of social or community orgs.

We have plenty of sororities and frats including service, social, and academic greek organizations. The Bball games are popular as well as the soccer games.

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  4. There's a movie theater right down the street as well as the train station so if nothing's happening on campus there's other stuff to do nearby. You can go out to eat at the nearby restaurants, hit up the theater, or go to NYC. You're only bored if you want to be, there will be someone doing something and because the community is so small you'll hear about it, or know someone who's going. Many students partake in or attend athletic events Varsity, Club, Intramural.

    SHU offers most sports Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Cross Country, Golf, Ultimate frisbee, tennis, dodgeball, soccer, flag football, hockey and many more Quidditch may be added to this list as well!