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Arm Care Off Season Throwing Program | Jaeger Softball

Along with a dedicated Arm Care program, this is the most ideal way to build up the arm, and position it to be maintained rather effectively. Once a strong foundation is in place the maintenance of the arm actually tends to take care of itself.

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And with a plan in place that makes sense and is easy to follow it takes the guess work out, and gives you clarity and confidence as you make your way through the process. Once you implement and complete this Arm Care and Off Season Throwing Program, you may be pleasantly surprised how Healthy, Strong, Durable and Accurate your arm can become just by making a major investment into it. Category: Book.

Establishing A Rest and Rebuild Period

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  • Enjoy the process. Kershaw indicated he had not given the matter enough thought to reveal his preference. Being a part of that team is a huge honor.

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    But being a part of the Dodger team, and being healthy for a full season, is something I take a lot of pride in. I feel like I owe it to the team to do that.

    Data-Based Interval Throwing Programs for Baseball Players

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