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First, you know those picture books that try entirely too hard to be clever concept books, as in the concept is uncomfortably forced? Below is the smart poem that goes with the spread you see above. When you read a reverso down, it is one poem. I love this. What fun with words, and what fun with puzzling out the two sides of one tale…. And my second note on this Poetry Friday?

I pretty much have to mention it, given how these two mirror books have fallen into my lap in one week: In May, a book that the ultra-talented Suzy Lee who you may remember visited me in created in I believe will be published here in the States by Seven Footer Press. Also: I got a copy of it just today, and the world stopped spinning while I read it, another reason I have to yawp about it now.

More on this later. God, I love Suzy Lee. Here is her slide show about the book from her site.

The poem "First Dates" in the 1975 film "The Mirror" by Andrei Tarkovsky

Hi Jules! Wow so cute the poetry book!!!! I could not straighten my arms. I was like a velociraptor, dangling my useless arms and roaring at everyone.

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I thought it was the usual muscle fatigue after a particularly strenuous workout. Two days after, my arms started to swell up. I was pleasantly surprised at first to have such large forearms after just one round of calisthenics. But as the day wore on, they ached and I started to feel acutely dehydrated. Saturday night.

The attending doctor looked a bit worried after she got my urine and blood test results. She put me on a drip and said I had to be warded. I had done some googling beforehand and found that the worst case scenario was a rare, but not unheard of condition called rhabdomyolysis. So there I was, waiting six hours in a bed in a room full of hacking old men for a bed in a ward.

"lenguage is, that we may mis-unda-stend each udda." — Krazy Kat (1918)

The smell was… incredible. The results for my creatine kinase levels came back. My worst fears were realised. Rhabdo the Terrible had come.

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Day 2 in hospital! The colour of my pee definitely not normal This was my forearm at its most swollen. My arms were like jelly. I was unable to prop myself up. An IV line dripped lifesaving fluids through my veins. I downed up to 5L of water daily. The view from my window. Rain… and sunshine. There was lots of time to read, to worry about my PhD research and to dwell upon the vagaries of life in a hospital ward.

I had opted for B2 class, which meant a 5-bed ward, but due to a shortage of space I was fortunately! I assumed he was in pain, but he frequently followed it up with a string of choice curse words, so I wonder whether he was simply chafing at the ignominy of being in hospital. Still very high by regular standards, but good enough for me to go home.

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So I said goodbye to my bed for a week and celebrated with a soy ice-cream from Mr Bean. The last time I was warded was almost thirty years ago, and it felt like a combination of being confined to the bunk during ICT with room service including blood pressure tests being offered at all hours. Not terrible, but not something I would like to repeat anytime soon. Most of the time, the image is made first.

It does not have to be spectacular or manufactured. The image is often found at the intersection between light and chance. Death After Dinner Day.

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A Father's Final Words. Forgetting Is Never Easy. I wanted him to stay. But Time would not allow it For he does not trust me. Not anymore. As I am a creature of hell. I know no death nor life. Only pain. She said she was allergic to daisies and fireworks, armpit fat and turmeric.

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Car Crash. The Death Sentence of Smoking. Death Has Come Home. Death has come home; to sleep in my soul.

Death has come home, to see me again. Lately, everything feels a little more impossible unstoppable, improbable, those dream bubbles? Goodbye is Not Enough. Before I leave, Or you do, I like to say the words, I love you. There may be tomorrow, Or the day after that, But I'm scared, That one of us may go splat.

Do Not Rest Without Me. I have grown more emotion, as I fill my empty void with memories. My childhood has been replaced with the deep though of death. I've said goodbye 1 to many times.


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Please don't haunt me my dear sister. Broken Throne. Goodbye my love. The night gazing through like the blowing wind of pasting time. The light touches my soul in glee. The darkness around me fades when I feel lust. Frozen heart.