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Before the party mark the plastic food with either a pink or yellow mark - you can use stickers or make a small dot with a permanent marker. Set up the food items at one side of the playing area where the relay will take place and mix in some extra food items that don't have a mark.

This little piggy went to market. No, these little piggies will stay home.

Divide the party guests into two teams and give the first person on the team the basket. One by one they must run to the "market" and find a food item with their teams color, put it in their basket and run back to the team and hand off the basket to the next player. First team to find all the food items at the market with their color wins!

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Piggy Bank Relay For older children - over the age of 3. Fill a small plastic pool with sand and lots of pennies or more and mix the pennies into the sand. Choose teams and one by one a member from each team will run to the sand, find a penny and run back to their team where they will put the penny in their teams piggy bank.

Set a time limit of 5 minutes per round and play several rounds. You can also play a round of kids against adults. If you can find clear piggy banks the game is more fun because the kids can see them filling up. Piggy Polish Spin For younger kids have an adult paint their toes for this game. Place several colors of pink nail polish in the middle of a circle of girls.

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Have the first girl spin a bottle of nail polish. Food Ideas Roast Beef sandwiches Mud pies Pigs in a Blanket Marshmallows dipped in pink sprinkles dip a large marshmallow in water, shake off the excess and then roll in pink sprinkles. Even Pat a cake is another one that will never die. This was enjoyable.

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Tipper, Oh how I love those sweet little toes… How many time I have played This Little Piggy with my grandchildren and other children that I watched over through the years.. Those little piggies sure make some different sound huh!

We need you!

Those are beautiful little piggy toes in the picture. As I was reading through this post I wondered if there was going to be a political connection and I was much received to find that there was none. Previous Post Next Post.

Tipper Blogging about Appalachian since You Might Also Like. No Crib for a Bed November 22, October 28, Reply potato queen April 24, at pm Piggies! Reply John April 19, at am I suppose I must have had sweet little toes like that several decades ago.

Predominantly gentle and considered soft, possibly too soft. When water is clean, the attributes can be pure When earth is supported, the foundation is strong. Money can be made, advances celebrated and love accomplished; all depends on how you approach it.

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See, this year is not difficult to navigate if you are flexible, prepared and willing to change direction when things shift, as shift they surely will! Water brings the ability for movement and last year we were stuck, deadlocked on just about everything; can change all that. Our little piggies have some issues for sure and could definitely benefit from family counselling as they struggle with people huffing and puffing to blow their house down!