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My mother kept talking to him about eating and getting healthier and taking him home.

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But near the end she realized that he was not going to come home and so she said to him, take care of yourself, I will be fine. She was 58 years old and they were a month short of their 34th anniversary. It took her awhile to be ok but that is another story.

We were thrown into his death without warning and we were there for him, just like he had been there for us in his lifetime. Women Going Through Transitions. We are all aware on some level that we will not get out of life alive.


We all will die. Recent Posts. Recent Comments. What I Do.

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I have extensive experience in helping people deal with grief and loss, and trauma recovery. The research suggests that individuals with low self-esteem may desire, and even seek out, touch when they are confronted with their mortality.

Being able to touch the teddy bear while estimating its value seemed to provide existential comfort to participants with low self-esteem, reducing their levels of ethnocentrism, a common defensive reaction to reminders of death. While the existential benefits of touch may be limited by various factors — such as who or what is providing the touch — Koole and colleagues believe that touch could be a useful supplement to more traditional cognitive-based therapies in treating low self-esteem and related disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

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